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“No Plate, No Helmet, No Travel”

December 31, 2012

CABANATUAN CITY (PNA) – A week-long strict implementation of the “No Plate, No Helmet, No Travel” police of the local government resulted in the arrest of 268 drivers and operators of motorcycles and motorized tricycles in this city.

no helmet, no ride

no helmet, no ride

Also, a big number of firearms have been confiscated from checkpoints, fixed and mobile, within the city limits.

According to Chief of Police Superintendent Eli Depra, the big number of arrests is the result of the continuing campaign of the local police to contain road accidents here and elsewhere in the province which had been observed to be on the rise due to the non-use of protective headgears for operators of the two- and three-wheeled motor vehicles.

Depra also reported that the operations of riders-in-tandem engaged in carnaping, guns-for-hire, snatching, among others, have also been markedly minimized, leading in the decrease of street crimes to 67% percent compared with that of last year.

The campaign is also heightened due to the proliferation of numerous colorum vehicles in compliance with the traffic rules and regulations of an ordinance here known as the un-franchised tricycle or colorum tricycle operations under Ordinance No. 006-2011, titled “Tricycle Franchising and Operations Code of Cabanatuan City.”

According to available data, the increase in deaths and injuries inflicted on motor vehicle operators were notably due to non-use of helmets.

Depra also credited the administration of Mayor Julius Cesar Vergara for the support to the city’s police force by way of the numerous donations of patrol vehicles, communication facilities, gasoline allowances, and other vital logistical services.

The concern showed by the Vergara-administration to the welfare of the police service has earned for Mayor Vergara and Depra prestigious awards as PNP Region 3’s “Most Supportive Local Chief Executive in grateful recognition and cooperation to Region 3’s Police Community Relations programs, projects and activities for Calendar Year 2011-2012; and Cabanatuan City Police Station, under Police Superintendent Eli Depra, awarded “The Best City Police Station in Community Relations” in Region 3 for the Calendar Year 2011-2012.”

The current operation being conducted by the police serves to minimize deaths and casualties for non-use of helmets and also raises revenues from fines realized from violation of anti-colorum tricycle operation.

By January, 2013, Depra announced that they will strictly implement the “No Helmet-No Travel” policy of the government. – MAGTANGGOL C. VILAR

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